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"Hi, Ken,
I just wanted you to know that my husband had his doubts about not having to replace our sidewalk
with new concrete.
I'm glad that I talked him into it.  We both appreciate not having a sidewalk with tripping spots.  Especially, now that our baby son will be walking.
By the way, my girlfriend Monica will be calling you next week about their driveway and garage.  They live in Minneapolis.  You do concrete leveling there too?"

​ Pam W, Edina, MN

"You came out on the day after it rained, like you said you would.  You did your work with your equipment.  And you were done in hours.  And now both my family and my visitors can walk without  stumbling on my sidewalk.  
By the way, My new concrete leveling project is being noticed by all my neighbors.  I think that they are all wondering how and what happened between the time I went to work and the time I came home.
Thanks again!"
​ Ron J, Bloomington, MN


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