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Let us tell you about us.

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45 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED FOR YOUR PROJECT!  And, A1 MUDJACKING HAS EXACTLY THAT!   Each and every year specifically concentrated in PRODUCING QUALITY FINISHED JOBS.  Literally, for thousands of satisfied customers throughout the Twin Cities, Wisconsin, Iowa and greater Minnesota.  


With so many years of experience, you know that Owner Ken Tupy REALLY enjoys what he does!  And just as important, he has the EXPERIENCE GAINED THRU THE ACCUMILATION OF LITERALLY THOSANDS OF SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED PROJECTS for customers just like you.  With repairs jobs exactly like you have!   Including, but not limited to:

  • Steps leading up to your front door.

  • The sidewalk along side your house.

  • Your back patio.

  • A sidewalk to the street.

  • The Garage apron, floor or driveway.

  • The sidewalk from your house to your garage.

  • All trip hazards.



We know SAFETY AROUND YOUR HOME IS IMPORTANT TO YOU.   And, YOU AND YOUR GUEST'S SAFETY IS OUR CONCERN. And, it's so easy for Ken Tupy to REPAIR THE TRIP HAZARDS that exist around your property.  SAFE GUARDING your family, guests, neighborhood children and the elderly from trip hazards as they approach your front or back door is an important issue to everyone.  And we know you CARE ENOUGH TO HAVE THE MOST EXPERIENCED AND CARING PERSON correct the safety issues that exist around your property!


Ken Tupy began with the FIRST COMPANY TO MUDJACK IN MINNESOTA.  YES!  THE VERY FIRST!  A1 Mudjacking and Owner Ken Tupy have been MUDJACKING, CONCRETE RAISING, CONCRETE LIFTING AND CONCRETE RAISING all types of concrete SINCE 1979.  By using A1 MUDJACKING'S UNIQUE CONCRETE RAISING TECHNIQUE over the last 45 years, Ken Tupy has the unique ability to provide all of his clients with a LONG LASTING FINISHED RESULT!  So much so, that it is not out of the ordinary for a new mudjacking customer to refer their neighbors and relatives to Ken to mudjack their concrete.

After mudjacking
  • Front Stoop Concrete Raising

  • Geriatric Care Facility

  • Owatonna, MN

After mudjacking
Before mudjacking
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