Mudjacking in Savage, Mn

A1 Mudjacking was correcting trip hazards in Savage, Mn today.

DID you know:

Savage, Mn is a great old community. Named after racing horse Dan Patch's Owner Marion Willis Savage. In 1906 at the Minnesota State Fair, Dan Patch broke the world pacing mile record at 1 minute and 55 seconds, a record that remained unsurpassed for 54 years.

HOWEVER, did you know this?

The area of Savage dates back to 17th century French fur traders and explorers who explored the Minnesota River valley.

The Mdewakanton Dakota (a division of Sioux) were the earliest inhabitants who went through the Minnesota River, following water fowl and game animals. As part of the greater migration of the Mdewakanton from their ancestral area around Mille Lacs Lake to the river confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers. Chief Black Dog, leader of a band of Mdewakanton Dakota who formed a permanent village at the isthmus between Black Dog Lake (which is named after him) and the Minnesota River, near the present site of the Black Dog Power Plant. And later sold game to American soldiers and settlers at Fort Saint Anthony (now known as Fort Snelling).

OR this?

During World War II, Savage was home to Camp Savage, a Military Intelligence School language program, which taught Japanese to American military personnel.

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