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A-1 Mudjacking, Inc. can save you hundreds of dollars over other methods of concrete leveling.
Call us to find out how much!

Proudly Serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro Area, including:

Apple Valley, Mn

Belle Plaine, Mn

Burnsville, Mn

Bloomington, Mn

Cannon Falls, Mn

Carver, Mn

Castle Rock, Mn

Chanhassen, Mn

​Chaska, Mn

Dundas, Mn

Eagan, Mn

Eden Prairie, Mn

Edina, Mn

Elko, Mn

Elko New Market, Mn

Faribault, Mn

Farmington, Mn

Hazelwood, Mn

Heidelberg, Mn

Henderson, Mn

Jordan, Mn

Lakeville, Mn

Le Center, Mn

Le Sueur, Mn

Lonsdale, Mn

Mankato, Mn

Medford, Mn

Medina, Mn

Minneapolis, Mn

Montgomery, Mn

Morristown, Mn

Mystic Lake, Mn

New Market, Mn

New Prague, Mn

Newport, Mn

Northfield, Mn

Owatonna, Mn

Prior Lake, Mn

Randoph, Mn

Richfield, Mn

Rochester, Mn

Rosemount, Mn

Savage, Mn

Shakopee, Mn

St. Peter, Mn
Union Hill, Mn

Rosemount, Mn

and many other Minnesota communities

A1 Mudjacking hose pumping slurry under slab

What is Mudjacking?

grouting concrete

Your Concrete Leveling Solution!

A1 Mudjacking Offers Best Price
A1 Mudjacking Offers Best Service
A1 Mudjacking Offers Best Results

Mudjacking is a hydraulicaly controlled process of a concrete repair method which results in the concrete leveling of the surfaces involved.


Specifically, A1 Mudjacking hydraulically pumps a mudjacking slurry mixture through 1-1/4″ holes which fills the void space below the concrete. Once the voids are filled, any additional slurry mixture pumped in results in a controlled hydraulical lifting of the sunken concrete to the desired height.  After which, the holes are filled with non-shrink grout and the surfaces cleaned by washing them down.  After a couple hours the surfaces are ready to be used.

A1's Mudjacking  provides a low-cost alternative compared to the enormous cash expenditure for new concrete construction.

What are the Results?

Mudjacking in Mpls & St Paul, Concrete Leveling in Mpls & St Paul, Concrete Contractor in Mpls & St Paul
A1 Mudjacking results seal
Mudjacking in Mpls & St Paul, Concrete Leveling in Mpls & St Paul, Concrete Contractor in Mpls & St Paul
Driveway repair
Stoop Before Mudjacking
Stoop After Mudjacking
Concrete Leveling Before & After
Patio Before & After Mudjacking
Concrete Leveling Before & After
Garage Driveway Before & After
Sidewalk Before Mudjacking
Sidewalk After Mudjacking
A1 Mudjacking Logo 2


  • Warehouse Floors
  • City Curbing
  • Trip Hazard Correction
  • Apartment Pool Decks

We have provided successful projects and services to many corporate, public and private companies.  


Including, but not limited to:

-Apartment Complexes

-Townhome Communities

-Property Managers

-City Public Works

-Real Estate Agents

-Agricultural Entities

-Warehouse facilities

-Retail Shopping Complexes


-Construction Remedial Corrections

-Factory Facilities


A1 Mudjacking Logo 3


  • Trip Hazards
  • Concrete Leveling
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalks
  • Stoops
  • Pool Decks

We know safety around your home is important you. Safe guarding your family, guests, neighborhood children and the elderly from trip hazards as they approach your front or back door is an important issue to everyone.  You and your guest's safety is our concern as well.  Since it is so easy for us to repair any trip hazards that exist around your property, there's no reason to delay. We usually finish in a couple hours. And we know you care enough to have the most experienced persons correct the safety issues that exist around your property!

A1 Mudjacking Logo 4

More Uses

  • Unique Mudjacking Applications
  • Whole House
  • Building Foundations
  • Grain Bin Floors

Not every customer has uneven concrete slabs, or trip hazards.


We have a history of unconventional solutions to solve unique problems for our customers.

We have assisted people who aren't quite sure where to turn to in dealing with their concrete or building related issue.

We have leveled:

-Whole Houses

-Building Footings

-Grain Bin Floors

-Antenna Tower Foundations,

To name a few.

"We Raise & Stabilize Sunken Concrete"  Guaranteed!
Child Safely Walking on A1 Mudjacked Sidewalk
A-1 Mudjacking, Inc. Logo

No Job Is Too Small Or Too Big!

By use of A1 Mudjacking's proprietary material mixture and technique, our services provide you with a strategy to save up to 80% off concrete slab replacement.  Thus enabling you to save your concrete and avoid all the new construction involved hassles.  


It would be our pleasure to find a solution for your budget and schedule.  So give us a call and see how A1 Mudjacking can help save you money today!



Mudjacking provides an inexpensive means to correct and raise / repair sidewalk slabs as well as other concrete related problems. Without the enormous cost and associated disruption involved with new concrete construction.  A warranty is provided.

Mudjacking is a specialty concrete raising / concrete repair process which enables A1 Mudjacking, Inc. to

‘SAVE YOUR CONCRETE’ by concrete raising (or mudjacking). This enables a low-cost choice compared to an enormous cash expenditure for new concrete construction.

A1 Mudjacking Recycles

We are proud to be green. A-1 Mudjacking, Inc. is an environmentally responsible company.  We use safe organic Mother Earth elements in our work and as ingredients in our slurry recipe.  A1 Mudjacking's slurry mixture will not break down under concrete.  Thus, assuring our customers that future voids under their concrete will not occur.


Off-gassing in polyurethane foam products induces health risks for consumers.


It sticks to anything it touches.


We do not use polyurethane foam.  It is a toxic product. The Federal Government says that it is. 

Polyurethane foam is generally not recyclable either.  But, other various companies do use it.  We won't!  For more information on polyurethane foam products read Green Future's: "Is Polyurethane Foam A Dreamy Comfort Or Toxic Nightmare?"

If you do choose to go with polyurethane foam for your slab correction, please be sure to ask your vendor for the "Material Safety Data Sheet" for their product. All chemical products have this. Be sure to read it too!

Polyurethane Stuck To Surfaces

"We Raise & Stabilize Sunken Concrete" 


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Are you looking for a concrete leveling expert that can get the job done safely and properly the first time?

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Proudly Serving the following Minneapolis and St. Paul Metro Area, Zip Codes:




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